'Skyscrapers are the Trees of the 21st Century'
Paper lamination, machine stitch and acrylics.

'Seed Pod'
Metal and velvet hand and machine stitch

'And There Was Light'
Wall hanging using embellished felt, heat distressed Xpandaprint and painted tissue on a stitched calico background. Lettering is a hand stitched illuminated manuscript

31cm x 31cm Molding paste stencil on Lutradur. Canvas frame

48cm x 48cm Free stitch on soluble fabric with Angelina fibres

'Gilding the Lily'
50cm x 50cm Xpandaprint leaves, stitched onto fabric, Canvas frame

Mixed media 50cm x 20cm

'Rembrandt's House'
Mixed media 30cm x 23cm

Angelina Fibres, acrylics & beads
36cmx36cm incl frame