Many apologies to any one who has got this far and is thinking, why hasn't she updated her blog for ages.

It's been a VERY busy year so far, but unfortunately, not busy art wise.

I was away on a 7 week cruise before Christmas, seeing some gorgeous places, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia and several Caribbean islands, a wonderful experience. Then of course Christmas.

My daughter and her partner have just got engaged, so she and I have been shopping for wedding dresses, and although the nuptials do not take place till next year, it's been a bit fraught.

We have had renovations going on in our house, which involved all the kitchen and glass house flooring being replaced with flagstones, so ALL my equipment and art stuff had to go into storage. I've only just got back to normal

I joined the committee of my embroiderer's guild and have designed a web site for them, along with my partner in crime, Mary. If you haven't seen this on my home page it's www.eastsurreyembroiderersguild.btck.co.uk

I have attended a brilliant workshop run by Carol Waddle, Colour with Design in Mind. This has started me off on another exciting textile adventure. I am halfway through a piece of work based on a landscape that I have turned into trees!!!

It's been too cold and horrible for me to feel like going into my garden studio, so lots going on in the glass house.






 I have been playing around with paper lamination, where pictures on thin paper are  glued onto fabric via a silk screen and then scrubbed off. Im using photos I took in Singapore of skyscrapers. Again I'm halfway through this.


Very excited to announce the opening of my new studio, the 'she shed'. Its in our garden, on what was formerly the strawberry patch!

It houses all my sewing stuff, fabrics and machines. I now have room to cut fabric & iron at a waist high table-bliss, and my sewing machine looks out over the garden.

The glass house studio is now for all my 'wet' work, the painting, dying, printing and the construction and destruction of fabrics.


Beavering away and trying to finish pieces of work started on various workshops. Four of us from Spectra textiles are having a weeks exhibition at Standen House, a National Trust property in West Sussex. They have a new exhibition space next to the kitchen which is bigger and lighter than a previous space upstairs. The exhibition is at the end of July but before then I have a hot week (I hope) in Spain and a wet week (Im pretty sure) in Wales.

Did a workshop with my old mate Lynda Monk using painted Tyvek on felt. Lots of heat distressing-lovely. Have turned some of the samples into purses to sell.

Finished the work begun with Carol Waddle and am using the same techniques when a group of Blue Tulips ladies come to me for a workshop. Have also just completed the piece I started on skyscrapers and trees.

My next workshop is with Jae Maries on colour. So I have been dying pieces of cloth using Procion dyes and the plastic bag method. Also discovered on Youtube 'cramming' dying in a pot. This gives different results with the same fabric primary colours- yellow, turquoise & magenta. These are different to artists primary colours. Have also done some tie dying while I was making a mess!